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You may have arrived on our site because you know the health risks of living and breathing in mould spores in your home, or you have been directed to this site by a third party and are unaware of this issue. If one replaced the word “mould” with the word “asbestos”, there would be no such confusion as to its dangers.

Mould vs Asbestos

BLACK MOULD - Why not clean it myself ?

The image illustrates a small number of mould spores detaching from their stalks. This is a natural occurrence over time or when the air surrounding the mould is disturbed; i.e., when a door or window opens or closes. There are approximately 250,000 mould spores which can fit on top of a pin head; imagine how many pin heads would cover the mould on your wall. Now imagine spraying a bleach/mould remover onto the surface area, this will detach millions of mould spores; filling the room with harmful mycotoxins.

It is widely accepted that most people would not try to remove asbestos as sawing or drilling would release fibres into the air. They would choose to employ a professional contractor who specialises in asbestos removal. On the other hand, it is a common practice that whenever mould is seen within a home, people tend not to seek professional help and try to remove it themselves by spraying or applying bleach. This is when mould is at its most dangerous as any spray or contact disturbs the mould spores.

For some time, information has been more readily available on the known direct harmful effects of being exposed to asbestos fibres. Over prolonged exposure, asbestosis is a known chronic health issue; but only recently has mould been directly linked to the death of a little boy named Awaab Ishak. .


Our Care

As written above, mould removal is a dangerous task if not carried out professionally. With this in mind, we ensure that every step of the way, everything is completed with extreme care and a level of assurance, that will provide you with the confidence you deserve.

The Service

In order to complete mould removal in an accurate and safe manner, it is important to provide our customers with the best possible service. This includes fully trained personnel and equipment which meets the highest standard set out by the IICRC.

Equipment we use for removing mould

Air Quality Meter (Gives an indication on the levels of harmful mycotoxins)
Humidity Meter (To ensure humidity readings are at a level to prevent mould growth)
Thermal Imaging Cameras (Scanning for water ingress or damp)
HEPA Vacuum Cleaners (IICRC Regulated - for the removal of the mould spores)
Dehumidifiers (To reduce humidity where the levels are too high)
Air Scrubbers/Air Purifiers (To increase the air quality and safety)
Negative Air Machines (To reduce air pressure, in order to contain damp and mould spores within a confined area)

Our service assurance to you

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Ensure you know about the new law, about mould.

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